Welcome to the Colorectal Cancer Centre

Dear patient,

Your doctor has informed you that you have colorectal cancer. At our centre, you will be examined and treated on an individual basis.

In view of the steady progress of research, no one doctor can fully cover the complexity of the many factors involved in colorectal cancer. Today, the best outcome for your health requires a team of specialists from different areas. At Marien Hospital Düsseldorf, we have been working collaboratively as a specialist team in a Colorectal Cancer Centre ever since 2006.

In February 2014 we were certified by the German Cancer Society as a certified Colorectal Cancer Centre at Marien Hospital Düsseldorf.

Here, diagnostic testing, therapy, nursing care, counselling, and aftercare are provided in close harmony. We discuss and plan your individual treatment with you directly, taking into consideration all test results. In this way, through high quality standards and internationally recognised scientific guidelines for treatment and aftercare, we ensure the greatest possible success for your health.

At Marien Hospital Düsseldorf, we also recognise the great importance of your mental and spiritual balance.
Upon request, you and your family can be provided with psychological counselling as well as spiritual guidance from our hospital pastoral counselling staff. I thank you for your trust in allowing us to provide your care.
We will do everything possible to live up to this responsibility.

Kind regards,

Dr. med. Konstantinos Zarras
Leiter DarmkrebsZentrum